Message from the Executive Director

Kathleen KingMy youngest child Robert suffers from a rare syndrome that required two bone marrow transplants, and without health insurance he would have died. I support health coverage for children, families, and workers because it is the right thing to do. Without health coverage for children, we are consigning our next generation to poverty and poor education.

Through extraordinary partnerships, Santa Clara County has developed unique programs, such as Healthy Kids and Healthy Workers. We are proud of these programs as they were the first in our nation, and in some cases, have been replicated in other counties. At Santa Clara Family Health Foundation (SCFHF), our mission is to raise funds to provide affordable health coverage to low-income families in Santa Clara County.

Through the Children’s Health Initiative and Healthy Kids program, the number of children without health coverage in our County dropped from one of every eight children in 2000 to less than 3 percent uninsured at the peak of enrollment. The number of children with health coverage increased by 82,000 in the last ten years; sadly, with funding from health foundations drying up, we may have to stop providing coverage for thousands of children over the next two years. It will be a tragedy if we have to disenroll thousands of kids from the nationally recognized Healthy Kids program for lack of funding.

The newest component to our county health care system is Healthy Workers. This innovative program provides small businesses with affordable health care coverage for their employees.

Santa Clara County has become a model for California and the nation by effectively providing access to health coverage for the benefit of all residents of this great community. We hope that the facts and stories presented throughout our website give you a better understanding of the value and importance of these innovative programs, which provide affordable health coverage here in our County.

Kathleen King
Executive Director