Maria Veronica: How Healthy Kids is Helping this Child Succeed

Maria Veronica was born with Down syndrome and serious birth defects. “Maybe without Healthy Kids we wouldn’t be able to tell you Maria’s story, maybe she wouldn’t be here,” says Rogelio Patingo of his only child.

A friendly and loving 12-year-old, Maria Veronica had her first surgery when she was just three hours old. Many other surgeries followed that first year, including open heart surgery. Maria Veronica was enrolled in Healthy Kids nearly six years ago after she lost her previous coverage. One of her doctors told Mr. and Mrs. Patingo about the program. Because of her medical conditions, Maria Veronica needs to see her pediatrician and specialists on a regular basis. Her parents say that Healthy Kids has allowed Maria Veronica to obtain the regular medical treatment she requires, instead of waiting until things get so serious that she needs to be hospitalized.

Mr. Patingo works seven days a week to support the family so that his wife can care for their daughter full-time.

“Healthy Kids is really helping us, not only our daughter, but us,” says Patingo. “It relieves stress to have health care so that you know your child can be taken care of, especially your fragile child.

Patingo Family